Homeowners Insurance

At Right Choice Insurance and Taxes, Inc we understand that owning a home is an accomplishment and an asset which deserves to be safeguarded. To help you get the best protection, we represent several homeowner insurance companies who have great protection and amazing customer service. Give us a call and help us protect one of your greatest investments.

Homeowners Insurance Types:

The common home insurance policy covers most risks a home will encounter. Home insurance typically covers explosions, riots, wind, aircraft, fire, lightning, volcanic eruptions, auto accidents, vandalism, theft, smoke, and structural accidents. Home insurance policies can be strengthened by adding additional underwriting for flooding, earthquake and other types of water damage usually for additional costs. Different types of homes call for different policies. A condo insurance policy would only insure the interior structure and cosmetics of the home, because the home owner's association could take care of the exterior through a different policy. Also, there is renters insurance and flood insurance.